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Shaanxi Baohua Technologies Co Ltd ,reorganized in 2000(formerly Baoji City Chemical Plant founded in 1966) and based in Baoji,Shaanxi,China is a leading hi-tech company in the field of perchemie industries, our main products includes ammonium persulfate,sodium persulfate and potassium persulfate.The company is the most professional persulfates series products manufacturerresearcher and developer in China  and the the earliest persulfates with long history manufacturer in China,as well as  the drafter of persulfates China state standard,has an important influence in China's persulfates industry line.

By taking the advantage of its technology in the persulfates field, the company provides the excellent products and services to the customers of any kinds,including more than 500 customers from domestic and abroad in the Polymerization ,Metal treatment Cosmetics Textile and others integrated solution.

Meanwhile we successes to devote the good relationships with world-classed companies not only the technology but also the business,as a supplier of Basf and Dow chemical etc.

In addition to the rapidly developed business, it is paying a close attention to the environment safety and employees health and safety, endorsed highly by governments and related authorized organizations.

The company has acquired the good reputation among the customers of domestic and abroad,. It will continue to make any efforts to promote the products exploration and technology innovation and service quality.


Ԓ+86-917-7516966(Q) 7516895(Q)棺+86-917-7516966(Q) 7516966(Q)g֧֣ 123

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